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65% plastics packaging recycling target is attainable, says new study

A new study by Plastics Recyclers Europe shows that the 65 per cent recycling target set by the European Union for plastic packaging is achievable by 2025. The study, undertaken in partnership by Deloitte Sustainability, determines a set of measures and necessary tools that will result in attaining this recycling rate.


Proposed measures focus, among other aspects, on improving the quality and capacity of the sorting of plastic packaging waste across the EU. An additional measure, such as Design for Recycling, would increase the recyclability of plastics packaging on the market and reduce sorting and recycling costs.


Such measures would lead to an increased quality of the produced recyclates, and would ultimately help to raise consumers’ confidence in recycled products. The recommended measures should be complemented with a strong communication across the plastics value chain, the report advises, and with a legislative push enabling higher uptake of recycled materials.


The study also highlights the environmental, societal and economic benefits of increased recycling rates. For instance, substitution of virgin with recycled plastics saves 80 per cent of CO2 emissions, creates 115 400 jobs and an extra one billion euros in economic benefits.


The study concludes that the proposed measures and the entailed benefits are clear indicators as to why legislators should strongly keep pursuing the ambitious target to enable circularity for plastics. 


Access the full report here: http://www.plasticsrecyclers.eu/sites/default/files/PRE_blueprint%20packaging%20waste_Final%20report%202017.pdf

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