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Become a sponsor of south-east Europe's largest gas conference & expo

Become a sponsor of south-east Europe's

It is our pleasure to invite you to register for the JUBILEE 35th INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC & EXPERT MEETING OF GAS PROFESSIONALS which will be held from 6–8 May, 2020 in the Congress Centre of Grand Hotel Adriatic in Opatija, Croatia.

The largest three-day international gas conference and exhibition in south-east Europe, organised by the Croatian Gas Center Ltd. and Croatian Gas Association – a member of the International Gas Union (IGU) – will gather more than 600 distinguished gas and energy experts and managers from approximately 240 gas companies and institutions, and around 45 exhibitors from 20 and more countries, who will come together to discuss the most important current gas and energy topics.


Please submit abstracts of scientific and professional papers, technical-commercial presentations or workshops via the online paper registration form.



1. Invited presentations and panel discussion: 'Natural Gas as a Geopolitical Factor of Energy Transition'  

2. 'Renewable Gas as a Prerequisite for Achieving Decarbonisation and the Future Role of Gas in the European Energy Transition'

3. Introductory presentations and panel discussion: 'Current Development and Prospects of Future Natural Gas Exploration and Production' 

4. 'Strategic Gas Infrastructure Development in Europe'

5. 'Smart Technologies, Innovations and Transfer of Technologies, and their Role in the Gas Industry' 

6. 'Development Potentials of LNG Terminals and their Role in the Future European Gas Infrastructure'

7. Introductory presentations and panel discussion: 'Current Situation and Trends on the Natural Gas Market, and Future Expectations'

8. Introductory presentations and panel discussion: 'Future Development of CNG-, LNG- and LPG-Powered Transport'

9. 'Issues Related to the Distribution and Consumption of Natural Gas in Terms of Efficiency and Security of the Gas System' 

10. 'Legislation, Technical Regulations, Rules of the Profession and Consumer Rights in the Gas Sector' 

11. Poster session on various topics related to the gas and energy industry.


A unique opportunity

To find out more about the conference topics click HERE. To register your abstract/paper kindly click here


This event represents a unique opportunity for all gas companies, and any other company whose operations are related to the gas industry, to showcase their activities, products and technical solutions in front of 600 professionals – predominantly managers of leading Croatian and international gas and energy companies – and thus create new business opportunities in a dynamic market.


Marketing presentation possibilities

• Partnership, Sponsorship and Co-sponsorship

• Technical-Commercial Presentation

• Exhibiting

• Advertising in the Proceedings 

• Roll-up and Pop-up Posters Exhibiting

• Media Partnership 


SPONSORSHIP of this established gas event provides a unique oportunity for companies to strenghten thier position, showcase expertise and new technical solutions needed to overcome the challenges of the gas and energy industry.


The GAS EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION will be held simultaneously in the exhibition area in front of the conference hall. BOOK YOUR STAND here.


DELEGATE REGISTRATION:  https://susret.hsup.hr/en/registration-of-participants/


To find out more about the scope of the traditional gas event in Opatija, kindly read the Review of the 34th International Gas Professionals Meeting which was held succesfully in May 2019 in Opatija, Croatia.

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