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Dangote awards DuPont contracts for new oil refinery in Nigeria

Dangote Oil refinery Companyt Ltd (Dangote) has commissioned a range of advanced proprietary equipment from DuPont for the construction of a new refinery in Lekki, near Nigeria’s capital, Lagos. Construction of the new refinery is part of a strategy to boost national Nigerian refinery production and the innovative DuPont technology will allow Dangote to maximise quality and profitability while minimising its environmental impact. The new refinery is set to become the largest single-train refinery in the world and the complex will include a petrochemical plant, a fertiliser plant and a subsea pipeline project.


DuPont will be supplying Dangote with proprietary equipment for a new 27,000 bpsd (1,060 kmta) alkylation unit and the 260 mtpd sulfuric acid regeneration (SAR) unit, alongside sulphur recovery unit (SRU) tail gas scrubbing, and fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) stack scrubbing that will help Dangote meet gasoline pool octane and emissions requirements.


“We are delighted to be supporting Dangote on a project that is of such critical importance to creating economic growth and opportunity in Nigeria,” said Eli Ben-Shoshan, Global Business Leader at DuPont Clean Technologies. “Our aim is always to enable our customers to meet their emissions targets easily and efficiently with the help of cost-effective technologies and services that offer them value and flexibility while minimising the impact on the environment.” 


The new alkylation unit and SAR unit will allow the facility to produce high octane, low sulfur, low RVP alkylate with zero olefins.


Despite producing 2.12 million barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil in 2015, Nigeria traditionally imports 80 per cent of its domestically consumed refined product due to national refining capacity being low, at just 0.002bpd per capita. With a production capacity of 650,000bpd, the new refinery, targeted for completion in the last quarter of 2019, will therefore significantly boost Nigeria’s limited domestic refining production.

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