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IE Expo to help advance China’s ambitious environmental roadmap


IE Expo China – Asia’s leading trade fair for environmental technology solutions – returns to Shanghai from 13–15 August, opening its doors following the Chinese government’s announcement of a new 15-year ecological protection and recovery plan aimed at building a “Beautiful China” by 2035.

The upcoming event – to be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre – will shine a spotlight on a wide array of environmental technologies, spanning Water, Waste, Air and Soil. Certainly, effective solutions in all of these segments will be required to meet rising demand in light of China’s recently-announced ambitious sustainability goals. 


Building a “Beautiful China” by 2035


Over the next decade and a half, China will expand its forest coverage to 26 per cent and have 75 per cent of recoverable sandy land under control, according to the plan released by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Natural Resources.


Moreover, the plan looks to maintain the country’s area of natural forest at 200 million hectares and to guarantee that 60 per cent of its wetlands will be under protection. The new national plan also aims to safeguard at least 35 per cent of the country's natural coastlines and prevent the marine ecological condition from worsening.


With more than a quarter of its territory covered in desert, China has long been severely impacted by desertification. Nonetheless, efforts to combat this deleterious process have already made huge advancements, with a total of 8.8 million hectares of desertified land now under control and another 2.2 million to be included by the end of the year.  Furthermore, China’s National Forestry and Grassland Administration recently announced it would be establishing a special office to implement the United Nation's Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).


Unsurprisingly, a major part of China’s accelerated push for green development surrounds energy consumption – the drive for cleaner energy and low-carbon growth. The country recently announced it would cap its annual energy consumption at five billion tonnes of standard coal equivalent this year, as well as adding 900 million kilowatts of installed non-fossil power generation capacity.


Meanwhile, initiatives that strive to monetise waste – be that through recycling, waste-to-power, or other projects – are set to be further incentivised as part of China's larger efforts to step up development of the circular economy.  


Showcasing environmental tech and knowledge


China's multifaceted efforts to tackle pollution and achieve long-term sustainable development will require not only the political resolve, but also the widespread deployment of cutting-edge technological advancements. And it is within this context that IE Expo China – the country’s premier environmental technologies event – returns to Shanghai to showcase such sustainable solutions.


Over the past 20 years, the premier show has grown to become an excellent platform for global exhibitors and visitors to explore industry trends, exchange technologies, develop business, and seal deals. Returning for its 21st edition in 2020, the event will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) from 13–15 August 2020. Join IE expo China 2020 to satisfy your requirements, obtain more potential business contacts and get the lowdown on all the latest industry technology and knowledge.


For more information and to register for the upcoming event, visit: http://www.ie-expo.com

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