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International firms to help Kenya deliver 500,000 homes in 5 years

Kenya continues to call for international firms who are capable of supporting an ambitious affordable housing agenda comprising a target for 500,000 units to be constructed within the next five years – as set by the National Housing Corporation.


“An affordable home in this case is a two-bedroomed house of about 65 square metres, with minimum finishes and including all infrastructure and amenities,” said Vice President of the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK), Arch. Gad Opiyo, who went on to advise that affordable housing is at the forefront of Kenya’s ‘Big Four’ development agenda, which also includes the growth of security, affordable healthcare and manufacturing sectors.


He and the AAK support government efforts by formulating housing policy and by linking officials to professionals and stakeholder consultants from the global construction industry. The Big 5 Construct East Africa will bring together such international and local construction stakeholders when it returns to Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Kenya from 7–9 November 2018.


“No better time” to invest in Kenya’s construction market

Vice President of the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK), Arch. Gad Opiyo

Mr Gad stressed that given the immense scale of the government’s housing project – some 500,000 units within five years – the AAK were “actively introducing international construction companies to local contractors in the housing sector”.


Muhammed Kazi, Event Director for upcoming The Big 5 Construct East Africa commented: “There is no better time than now to invest in the Kenyan construction market. Thanks to the ambitious focus on housing, investors will enter a sector that is currently benefiting from strong government backing in the form of construction-focused finance schemes and updated building policies.”


The official exhibition of Kenya’s National Construction Week, The Big 5 Construct East Africa is expecting the participation of over 200 brands from around the world to showcase the latest building solutions during its second edition.


A central meeting place for construction professionals to meet and do business in Kenya, the event will also offer 40 complimentary workshops and live product demonstrations.


To know more about the event, visit: www.thebig5constructeastafrica.com

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