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New ‘Sim City’-style online learning simulation launched for security practitioners


UK-based PerpetuityARC Training, part of Linx International Group, has launched a new interactive and virtual online learning platform – Linxville – that’s visually reminiscent of classic computer games such as The Sims and Sim City, with ‘Perimeter Security’ being the firm’s first bitesize course to launch.

The platform presents the student with a simulated environment containing a number of commercial buildings surrounded by roads, gates, fencing, lighting and security guards, which link back to the topic. 


The learner is taken on a guided interactive learning journey around the site and is presented with potential threat vulnerabilities, suitable risk assessments, and information on how to handle that threat/vulnerability at each location. Bolstered by the feature of people and traffic movement, the simulation adds ‘real world’ realism to assist learners in the application of their knowledge.


Linx International Group Director, Angus Darroch-Warren, called Linxville “a highly visual and interactive concept that pushes the frontiers of distance learning”. 


“By presenting graphical mapped real-world security scenarios, Linxville delivers an immersive and educational experience that is ideal for those who are new to security or have it under their remit but have limited experience,” he remarked, adding that Linxville is designed to grow and be fully inclusive and accessible.


“We will be expanding the simulation sites to include retail, universities and airports all within the Linxville platform,” revealed Mr Darroch-Warren, adding that there was the potential scope for Linxville to be personalised in order to deliver specific security training for organisations.


The Linxville Perimeter Security online bitesize course is now available for £9.90 + VAT.


For more information, visit: www.perpetuityarc.com

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