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Babcock orders three PEMA shipbuilding automation lines
Babcock orders three PEMA shipbuilding automation lines

Babcock International Group, the aerospace and defence company, has placed an order for an extensive set of PEMA welding and production lines for shipbuilding at its Rosyth site in Scotland. In total, the order includes three lines: PEMA Thin plate panel line, PEMA Micro panel line, and PEMA T-beam fabrication line.

Each PEMA production line is based on modern shipbuilding technology that enables Babcock to raise its level of automation. 

PEMA Thin plate panel line is equipped with the latest technologies, such as plate edge milling and robotic welding which enable high-quality production of various panel types.


PEMA T-beam fabrication line is designed to make straight T-beams without any additional straightening processes.

PEMA Micro panel line consists of a customised solution that first assembles the profiles before they are welded with a compact Vision robotics solution. The main benefit of the line is that it automatises micro panel production, but also other small-to-medium-sized constructions. The control of the robotic system is based on PEMA WeldControl 200 software which enables easy weld path creation and robot programming.

A boost to quality and capability, and a streamlined process

The advanced shipbuilding automation lines are customised according to Babcock’s production needs to efficiently weld deck panels and bulkheads. For Babcock, the lines bring increased capability in welding and handling, the improved manufacturing quality of ship structures, and streamlined production processes while requiring less manual work. The lines will initially be used for the Type 31 general-purpose frigate program being built and assembled at its Rosyth facility.


Pemamek’s turnkey delivery also includes installation and commissioning, testing, training, production support, and recommended spare parts. A comprehensive preventive maintenance agreement package is also included in the scope of supply.

Founded in 1970, Pemamek is a global welding and production automation leader, dedicated to helping heavy fabrication industries to raise their level of productivity. The Finnish firm today employs 250 personnel at its headquarters and factory in Finland, with local sales offices in the USA, Brazil, Russia, Denmark and Poland.

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