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Dynamic gas market to be explored in Opatija, Croatia, at 37th edition of iconic international meeting
Dynamic gas market to be explored in Opatija, Croatia, at 37th edition of iconic international meeting

Held from 11–13 May 2022 at the Congress Centre of the Grand Hotel Adriatic in Opatija, the 37th International Scientific and Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals is one of the largest events of its kind in southeast Europe.

Organised by the Croatian Gas Association (CGA) – a member of the International Gas Union (IGU) – and the Croatian Gas Centre Ltd, the three-day international gas conference and expo will play host to a few hundred recognised gas and energy professionals from more than 20 countries as participants of the event, alongside approximately 50 reputable lecturers and 30 exhibitors of gas technology and equipment.

The meeting’s interesting conference programme will cover 10 current thematic units, numerous interactive panel discussions, and a poster session on the most relevant themes in the gas business and the energy industry.

Strategic and technical conference streams

The organisers will endeavour to divide this year’s conference programme into strategic and technical sections. 

The first section will address strategic themes such as trends on the natural gas market, fluctuating gas prices and future expectations, the key role of the gas infrastructure in establishing decarbonisation and a reliable energy system, as well as consequences of the EU regulatory framework on accelerating decarbonisation for the gas sector. 

The second and third days of the conference will cover technical themes, new technologies and innovation in the gas sector in the era of decarbonisation, development potentials of LNG terminals, issues facing transport, distribution, storage and consumption of gas in terms of securing an efficient, secure and low-carbon system, as well as numerous other themes.

Important role of gas in energy transition

Throughout the world, natural gas has an important and positive role on global energy markets and in energy transition; hence the goal of this conference is to understand and acknowledge the key role of natural gas as another reliable and clean pillar of energy transition, along with renewable sources. It is with great delight that we are announcing an invitational lecture by Andrea Stegher – SVP of the Energy Transition at SNAM, elected President of the International Gas Union (IGU) from 2025–2028 and current VP of IGU – who will speak about the trending record high gas prices in Europe and measures undertaken by EU Member States, as well as forecasted trends on the global gas market in the coming period.

Torben Brabo, President of non-profit association Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), will hold a talk on partnerships in gas infrastructure incorporating renewable and low-carbon molecules, regulations on blending hydrogen in the natural gas network, as well as pure hydrogen networks, and will exhibit examples of specific hydrogen corridors in the regions.

Policy Advisor for Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), Mathilde Blanchard, will speak about repositioning gas infrastructure companies within the context of the European Green Deal and the ‘Fit for 55’ package, which requires new skills and talents for the transition to green fuels. This is an opportunity for young experts to become initiators of change and socially engaged. The increasing integration of energy systems has led to greater mutual interconnected careers in the gas and energy profession. This year, organisers provided the opportunity to ambitious students from many technical and other faculties in Croatia to register their papers and show their talents by presenting the best quality expert papers from the area of natural gas and energy.

Smart and sustainable systems required

A number of interesting lectures on the effects of the EU strategy for reducing methane emissions on the natural gas sector will be given, including the challenges and possibilities of decarbonisation on the future natural gas and LNG value chain. An important part of the upcoming gathering will be presentations of a number of expert papers on the application of smart technologies, innovations and digital transformation in the gas sector. The seventh thematic unit will include a presentation of the development potential for LNG terminals and their important role in the future European gas infrastructure, as well as ensuring reliability of supply and decarbonisation.

The conference will also address the development of sustainable transport systems driven by compressed natural gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Numerous domestic and foreign experts will present papers on issues facing transport, distribution, storage and consumption of gas in terms of securing an efficient, secure and low-carbon system gas system. Amongst these, Peter Kristensen – Chief Strategy Officer for the company Evida, and chairman of the Ready4H2 project – will present the ambitious hydrogen initiative in which he is involved, and will highlight the readiness of European natural gas distributors for blending hydrogen. The goal of the Ready4H2 project is a new alliance of 90 local operators of distribution systems from 17 countries throughout Europe – all dedicated to developing the expertise and experience to prepare for implementing the transformation of gas distributors towards climate neutrality.

Held in parallel with the conference, an exhibition of gas equipment and technologies will see numerous national and foreign exhibitors present advanced technical solutions for the gas business and energy industry. Companies sponsoring the gathering will have the opportunity to strengthen their position, and display their expertise and new technical solutions for overcoming challenges in the gas business.

The targeted thematic units and distinguished speakers are key advantages of the gathering in linking science, education, the profession and companies that actively participate in the gas business. The mobile app – which will be accessible prior to opening the gathering – and social events in Opatija will ensure ample to time for interactive networking and realising new business opportunities.

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The preliminary programme is available on the official event page.


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