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Global Water Summit 2022 releases agenda under ‘Water-Positive Zero Carbon’ theme
Global Water Summit 2022 releases agenda under ‘Water-Positive Zero Carbon’ theme

Returning after two years, the 2022 Global Water Summit – organised by Global Water Intelligence (GWI) – is set to take place in Madrid from 16-18 May 2022, and its organisers have just released the event’s progressive conference agenda.

Unpacking the developments, issues and opportunities across the global water sector, the conference is being held this year under the theme ‘Water Positive Zero-Carbon’.


The 2022 Global Water Summit will explore the ways that climate change is changing the world of water. And crucially, the synergies between emissions and water security, together with the global political commitment for climate action create the potential for transformational change.


The conference will assemble business leaders and decision-makers from across the international water sector to discuss the major trends. The three-day agenda will include a variety of sessions within six strands, including Defining Water Positive, The Smart Way to Zero, The SDG 6 Challenge (a two-part workshop), Accelerating New Models for Desal, Supersizing Potable Water Reuse, Next Generation Water Technologies for Industry, Leading the Race to Zero, and much more.

Driving the global conversation around water-positivity


The 2022 Global Water Summit is the first opportunity in over two years for many in the global water industry to come together. It is an essential opportunity to disseminate information and drive the global conversation around water-positivity and the zero-carbon movement, while giving a complete business-focused global overview to the leaders of the water sector. 


Awareness of these trends, and many more that will impact business strategy in the coming years, contributed to the selection of the Global Water Summit 2022 theme of Water-Positive Zero Carbon. The theme was also informed by a GWI pathfinder workshop – held in 2021 – that focused on ‘Water Without Carbon’.


Each year the Global Water Summit seeks to bring attending delegates new speakers, new business partners, new ideas and new opportunities. Attracting more top water leaders and business executives than any other water event, the Summit has become vital in shaping the future direction of the water sector and driving business opportunities. 

A commitment to change


2022 also marks the fifth anniversary of the Leading Utilities of the World (LUOW) foundation. LUOW members from around the world will have the opportunity to take part in a number of utility focused agenda sessions, as well as being specially recognised in a ‘Recognising Innovation’ session. New members will also be inaugurated into the network, which recognises the gold standard of utility performance.


In recognition of the environmental impact of international conferences, the Global Water Summit has also announced a carbon pledge. Investing to reduce water industry carbon emissions by 500t CO2e – more than double that generated by travel to the event – in a bold carbon offset pledge that demonstrates commitment to the objectives of the conference.

The water sector’s premier knowledge platform

The Global Water Summit is the premier knowledge platform and networking event for C-suite executives in the global water industry.

The premier event is hosted by Global Water Intelligence (GWI), The Global Water Leaders Group and The Leading Utilities of the World Network.


The Global Water Summit 2022 will take place on 16-18 May 2022 at the Novotel Madrid Hotel, Madrid, Spain.  To learn more about the upcoming event, visit: www.watermeetsmoney.com

The Summit will also feature the Global Water Awards 2022 taking place on the evening of 17th May 2022 at La Quinta de Jarama in Madrid, during which the 2022 Global Water Awards Winners will be announced.                     


See the full 2022 Summit agenda here

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