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KBR awarded ammonia technology contract for carbon-neutral project in Australia
KBR awarded ammonia technology contract for carbon-neutral project in Australia

Technology and industrial engineering giant KBR has announced it has won an ammonia technology contract from DL E&C for NeuRizer’s (formerly Leigh Creek Energy Ltd) carbon-neutral fertiliser project in Australia.

Located in South Australia, 550km north of Adelaide, the NeuRizer Urea Project (NRUP) will initially produce 1Mtpa of urea fertiliser with potential to increase to 2Mtpa.

Under the terms of the contract, Houston-headquartered KBR. will provide technology licensing and engineering for the 1,600 MTPD ammonia plant based on KBR’s highly efficient Purifier® process. 

Energy-efficient ammonia technology

This is the first fully integrated urea production facility in the world leveraging an innovative configuration for in-situ syngas production, gas processing, ammonia and urea manufacturing, and carbon geo-sequestration.

“We are excited to provide our energy-efficient ammonia technology to DL E&C for NeuRizer’s flagship carbon-neutral project for the local and export agriculture markets,” commented Doug Kelly, President of Technology at KBR. “This project reaffirms our commitment to continuing to explore novel ways to help our clients meet their business and sustainability targets.”

Employing approximately 28,000 people across 34 countries, KBR is a world leader in ammonia technology and has been at the forefront of innovation in the ammonia market for decades.

A milestone infrastructure project for Australia

The NRUP will significantly increase Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capability for fertiliser supporting Australian agricultural food production.  Once in operation (slated for 2025), the new plant will serve to strengthen supply chain resilience that will benefit Australian farmers and, to a lesser extent, the industrial sector where urea is used as a supply input (e.g., diesel additive (AdBlue), industrial resins, etc.) by reducing the nation’s reliance on imports.

The NRUP will be one of the biggest infrastructure projects of its type in Australia, providing long-term economic development and employment opportunities (2,250+ construction jobs plus 1,200+ on-going positions) for the communities of the Upper Spencer Gulf region, northern Flinders Ranges and South Australia.

The NRUP will be the only fully integrated urea production facility in Australia, with all inputs (gas, power and CO2) for low carbon urea production on-site, meaning NRZ will control both supply and price of these major cost inputs, regardless of prevailing market conditions and supply chain dynamics.

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