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New crowd protection ‘gateway’ mitigates safety risks – from Covid-19 to weapons attacks
New crowd protection ‘gateway’ mitigates safety risks – from Covid-19 to weapons attacks

A new crowd protection solution with the potential to transform the way we enter large-gathering events and venues has just been launched.


Crowdgate is an innovative health protective and weapons detection solution specially designed to mitigate risks to event-goers health and safety in major-event settings in the Covid-19 era.


Manchester-based crowd protection experts Crowdguard developed the Crowdgate solution in response to the recent rise in aggressive, anti-social behaviour, as well as the very real threat of a Covid-spreading (or super-spreading) incident. 


Offering the promise of turning the tide for UK venues beleaguered by lockdowns and their residual effects, Crowdgate aims to get the events industry in motion again – safely, smoothly and cost-effectively. 

How it works

With pre-event health screening, Crowdgate’s bespoke, platform-based Application Programming Interface (API) interface asks attendees to answer health-related questions before allowing them to download their unique QR entry code. 

On-site, Crowdgate bio-cabins are equipped with mask dispenser, hand sanitiser dispenser with fully customisable LED screen, as well as automatic temperature-checking and facial recognition cameras. Upon completing these steps, attendees register their QR code via Crowdgate’s integrated reader, passing through a turnstile and, finally, through a metal detector.


“It’s crucial to our national economy and the jobs of thousands of individuals in the events industry that venues are able to access solutions which enable them to operate safely and efficiently,” commented Crowdguard’s Director, Deborah Ainscough. “Crowdgate has been developed as a proactive means of protecting event attendees from the spread of Covid-19 and from weapons attacks. 

“Because event-goers must complete each step before proceeding to the next part of the process, Crowdgate ensures that every attendee is properly screened in an automated, controlled and contactless environment.”


A game-changing innovation


Developed in liaison with leading professionals from across diverse fields of event and crisis management, public health, crowd control and counter-terrorism, Crowdgate augments the company’s current offering, which includes its flagship product, Surface Guard Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) barrier. 


Surface Guard, Crowdguard’s crash-tested IWA14 pedestrian permeable barrier, was named ‘Physical Security Product of the Year’ at the Counter Terror Awards 2019 and is used in cities across the UK in the protection of crowds and pedestrianisation of city streets.


Leveraging a national geographic framework, in-house fleet of heavy lifting vehicles and highly skilled and experienced technicians, Crowdguard works with sister company Ainscough Industrial Services to ensure rapid deployment and installation, for a fast and efficient service and faultless integrity.


“We are committed to providing a one-stop shop for venue and event management teams, which is why we’ve partnered with Crowd Dynamics, who work closely with us to deliver effective crowd movement, modelling, planning and management,” continued Ms Ainscough. “Insights from our partners inform each bespoke Crowdguard product configuration, so that our offering and the protection provided to event-goers represent truly comprehensive and effective solutions. This, combined with in-house deployment, installation and removal, means that the service is hassle-free and cost-effective – and we understand these two qualities are really essential for players in the events industry given the current conditions.”


Designed with flexibility in mind


A fully scalable, containerised health protective and weapons detection solution, Crowdgate’s surface-mounted design allows for temporary or semi-permanent use, and is ideal for events lasting a single evening or several months.

With rapid deployment, Crowdgate can be installed in diverse settings including stadia, sports grounds, exhibition centres, conference suites, outdoor marketplaces, fairgrounds, racecourses, public gardens, and private estates.


It allows venues to satisfy new, stricter regulatory requirements related to the forthcoming ‘Martyn’s Law’, under which venues in the UK will be responsible for incident response plans and exercises, increased training and airport-style security measures. It is also a cost-effective solution, as it allows stewards to look after guests with specific needs on a case-by-case basis, as others smoothly gain entrance to the venue. As a result, fewer on-site personnel are needed to carry out screening and checks, reducing staffing and training costs.


Used together with Crowdguard’s Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) barriers, the equipment allows venues and event management teams to exercise an appropriate duty of care and operate with confidence that significant risks for crowded spaces have been mitigated, including the use of a vehicle as a weapon of attack, delivery of vehicle-borne IED, offensive weapons and, in an era of Covid-19, the threat of spreading infection.

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