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Nidec ASI takes water into Saudi Arabia’s desert, winning 5 contracts worth $50m+
Nidec ASI takes water into Saudi Arabia’s desert, winning 5 contracts worth $50m+

Water is the new oil for Saudi Arabia, and Nidec ASI – flagship firm of the Nidec Industrial Solutions platform owned by Nidec Group – has been awarded work orders for motors and drives needed to create five pipeline systems for transporting greater volumes of water in the Arabian Peninsula to over 12 million people. 

SWCC’s ambitious growth programme


The five projects to be supplied by Nidec ASI are part of an ambitious growth programme initiated by Saudi government owned SWCC (Saline Water Conversion Corporation) – the entity responsible for the desalination of seawater and supplying fresh water to its citizens. 

The programme will transport salt water to the desalination plants and then convoy the treated water along a network of pipelines to a number of Saudi cities. The pipeline network will take water to the cities of Arafat, Jeddah, Jubail, Rabigh, Riyadh, Al Shuqaiq and Taif.

Connecting coast to plants to cities


Nidec ASI motors and drives will be installed along the extensive route connecting the coast to the treatment plants and from there to the various cities, making it possible to take fresh water to inhabitants, hospitals and all public and private facilities in the various regions concerned. Nidec ASI's solutions have also been designed with environmental sustainability in mind, and in fact contribute to energy savings for the entire system, minimising the use of electricity and reducing the environmental impact thanks to a reduction in the use of non-recyclable raw materials.


Specifically, Nidec ASI is supplying 124 motors and 85 drives produced in its Italian plants in Monfalcone and Cinisello Balsamo.

Bringing water to over 12 million people


“We are particularly proud of these work orders: our motors and drives will help bring the precious commodity of water to over 12 million people who are currently struggling to have access to this life-giving resource. The pipeline systems will also have important benefits for the economic development of the areas concerned,” said Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI and Chairman of Nidec Industrial Solutions. 

“Operating in a country of huge economic ferment like Saudi Arabia, serving such an important client as SWCC, once again confirms the success of our approach based on offering solutions which are innovative, made-to-measure and above all designed to save energy and raw materials,” he enthused.


For over 150 years, Nidec ASI has been a market leader thanks to its ability to innovate and offer technologies capable of meeting all the needs and requirements of ambitious projects throughout the world. The technical specifications of Nidec ASI solutions make it possible to adjust them to the most extreme design and climate conditions, without ever forgetting about environmental protection and always with the aim of contributing to creating an increasingly green and sustainable future.

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