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SIPEX – Suriname’s first international oil & gas conference and expo – to launch in October 2021
SIPEX – Suriname’s first international oil & gas conference and expo – to launch in October 2021

Already being touted as the most anticipated and premier oil & gas summit and exhibition in Suriname, the inaugural edition of SIPEX will be held from 5–7 October 2021. 

The first-of-its-kind SIPEX event in the Latin American country comes loaded with timely opportunities to build new connections and network with industry stalwarts, exchange key insights, delve into the industry’s future prospects and fact-based projections, increase brand visibility in front of a global audience, and evaluate new business avenues in Suriname’s soaring oil & gas market.

Sizeable deepwater oil and natural gas discoveries

Sharing borders with French Guiana in the east, Guyana in the west, Brazil as the southern Neighbor, and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the north – and hitherto famous predominantly for its touristic appeal – Suriname has recently been making headlines worldwide owing to a series of successful deepwater oil and natural gas discoveries. Such discoveries are fast turning the country into a star attraction for all manner of industry players – from global E&P companies, to prime contractors, service and equipment providers, service integrators, governmental ministries and organisations, alongside a flurry of investors. 

And indeed, there’s little wonder for such interest in the country, given that within the span of just one year, at least five massive reserves have been identified off the coast of Suriname – namely, Maka Central-1, Sapakara West-1, Kwaskwasi-1, Sloanea-1 and Keskesi East-1. Initial estimates shared by the US Geological Survey indicate that the region may possess 13.6 billion barrels of crude oil, 21.2 trillion cubic feet (600bn m3) of natural gas and nearly 574 million barrels of natural gas liquids.

The recent unprecedented discoveries have placed Suriname on the global charts, and it is anticipated the country will join the list of the world’s top oil & gas producers and suppliers within the next few years.

SIPEX: A trailblazing event for Suriname’s oil & gas industry

SIPEX 2021 is poised to be the trailblazing event firmly focused to advance and showcase the enormous possibilities of Suriname’s energy industry. 

Simultaneously, the premier event will facilitate an effective stage/forum for all the contenders and stakeholders to reach out to top decision-makers of the country’s energy ministry, front-running private sector companies and well-established analytics and research firms. 

Additionally, SIPEX will serve as a window whereby attendees can explore the latest technologies and path-breaking innovations, amplify brand visibility, liaise and negotiate with prospective partners, and form strategic alliances.

Virtual product showcase, seamless networking and line-up of leading industry luminaries 

As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic and various other constraints applicable at present, event organiser Valiant Business Media has decided to bring SIPEX into the virtual realm in its inaugural year. 

Over the period of three days, the expo aims to serve as an invigorating arena for industry professionals and experts to remotely exhibit and pitch their competencies and specialised services through ‘virtual booths’, and provide seamless networking alternatives for the vast audience of consumers. Furthermore, the virtual exhibit booths also allow sponsors and participants to display their company’s products, services and solutions, and to distribute marketing collaterals such as e-brochures, presentations, on-going or future campaigns, and other informational videos. 

Attendees will see a line-up of industry luminaries, policymakers, renowned thought leaders and big-league investors at the innovative ‘virtual conference’.

SIPEX has been curated to stimulate the maximum interaction among its participants. Panel discussions, workshops on local content development, live Q&A forums, brainstorming sessions, easily arranged one-to-one business meetings in a real-time social environment are just some of the other features of the upcoming event.

SIPEX 2021 is expected to welcome the participation of over 1,000 attendees and 200+ companies from the global and Surinamese oil & gas value chain. And SIPEX 2021 is all set to make its mark in the Caribbean oil & gas industry with the ultimate aim to place the Surinamese energy sector at the centre of global discourse.

Organiser: Valiant Business Media

Dates: 5–7 October 2021

For more details, visit: https://surinameoilexpo.com

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