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This fintech firm helps investors back companies focused on CO2 avoidance
This fintech firm helps investors back companies focused on CO2 avoidance

Climate change is a pressing and all-encompassing issue, with many believing there is no effective method to halting the ever-expanding business sector from becoming CO2-dependent. However, one company – London-based Clima Investments – is changing that. 

The Green FinTech company has created an online mobile platform and a unique equity benchmark – both focused on the companies that can decarbonise the planet. Crucially, the platform redefines climate change investments by framing the product in a different way: what are the companies with products and services that can enable CO2 avoidance? 

Open-source contribution to tackling climate change

The platform is what the firm calls its “open source contribution to the planet”. By sharing its methodology on how to quantify CO2 avoidance, Clima Investments creates data and overviews on companies it believes to be truly ‘climate champions’. The firm’s equity benchmark is a way for institutional, as well as smaller retail investors, to be able to gain direct exposure to these climate champions. 

By quantifying the consolidated potential CO2 avoidance of companies, Clima Investments showcases the importance of focusing on avoidance as a key metric within business – pushing all industries to do better when it comes to operating in an eco-conscious way. 

Clima Investments aims to create a platform that encourages faster growth of solutions, which will help drive the world towards meeting emissions targets set out in the Paris Agreement. 

The company’s three co-founders – Steve, Shaila and Gab – all went to Wharton. They are finance people determined to combat ‘green-washing’ with data, and make capital markets be a source of direct positive impact towards solving climate change. 

The trio launched Clima Investments shortly after an event on Sustainability at the London Stock Exchange that Gaby organised in September 2019, and they are eager to return to the LSE in December 2020 for the launch of Clima's first ETF (exchange-trade fund) on the companies that can decarbonise the planet.

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