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Valmet introduces advanced water treatment tech for marine industry
Valmet introduces advanced water treatment tech for marine industry

Finnish-headquartered process technology giant Valmet is enhancing emission control with its patented, fully-automatic water treatment solution for the marine scrubber system and exhaust gas recirculation system. The solution is fully aligned with International Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines for the marine business.  

The introduction of the Valmet Marine Water Treatment system is part of Valmet’s continuous development of marine solutions towards more sustainable ship transport, with the firm having become the first supplier to introduce a hybrid scrubber to the market years ago. 

Valmet’s new Marine Water Treatment system consists of four different modules that can be easily fit in different vessel layouts. Due to the layout flexibility, the water treatment system can be installed both in new building vessels as well as retrofits.

Low chemical consumption brings savings

Valmet Marine Water Treatment is the most environmentally friendly water treatment unit on the market today, and the technology requires no chemicals to treat the effluent. The daily cleaning of the unit is also done with plain seawater. For the weekly cleaning, freshwater and only a small chemical dose is needed. 

The low chemical consumption, little freshwater consumption, as well as minimal maintenance requirements save both costs and the environment.


Minimal sludge production

Valmet Marine Water Treatment unit has been designed to handle high total solids contents without the risk of clogging the membranes. The bleed-off water from closed loop circulation is concentrated – and when high, when approximately 10-15 per cent total solids content is reached, the concentrated sludge is pumped into the sludge tank. High total solids content leads to low volume of sludge, hence low bunkering costs in the port.

“With the help of Valmet DNA automation system, the water treatment solution ensures flexibility and reliability in optimising the water treatment process,” advised Lishan Wu, Product Sales Manager, Marine Emission Control, Pulp & Energy business line, Valmet. 

Proven in-house technology 

Valmet’s expertise from other land-based industries, alongside decades of development work, is what has led the Finnish firm to this innovative solution for vessels, according to Anssi Mäkelä, Senior Manager, Sales & Technology, Marine Emission Control, Pulp & Energy business line, Valmet.

“Our target is to support our customers in their business in a more sustainable way, as well as make it possible for them to conduct responsible business, emissions controlled,” he continued. “At the moment, it is extremely important to support maritime businesses towards lower emissions. This technology contributes clearly to these aims.” 

Valmet employs a workforce of around 14,000 personnel worldwide, and boasted net sales in 2019 of approximately 3.5 billion euros. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, with shares listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki, the firm is today considered the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries.

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