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Tanqia wins ‘Best Wastewater Utility Management Team Middle East 2017’ accolade

Each year, CFI.co seeks out individuals and organisations that contribute significantly to the convergence of economies and truly add value for stakeholders. This year, TANQIA – the first and only privately held wastewater collection and treatment utility in the UAE and wider Middle East region – has been recognised at the prestigious CFI.co awards, receiving the Best Wastewater Utility Management Team Middle East 2017 accolade.


The award judges recognised the significant contribution that TANQIA has made through generating high-quality effluent. Currently treating about 22,000 cubic metres of wastewater every day on average using Tertiary Treatment, TANQIA is now preparing for the advanced treatment by Disk-Filtration followed by UV-Disinfection to increase the quality of the effluent.


The Fujairah plant covers an area of some 16 hectares just south of Qidfaa. The state-of-the-art facility started operations in 2008 and currently consists of two treatment trains, which may be easily expanded to meet increased demand. A doubling of capacity using a new highly efficient aeration system for the biological treatment stage – aimed at further reducing overall power consumption of the biological treatment process – is expected to commence construction in the fall of 2017.


TANQIA maintains a network for the collection of wastewater that stretches about 450  kilometres and includes 30 pumping stations. A public-private partnership between Elwan Group (a boutique infrastructure development company), Mubadala (the private-sector investment vehicle of the Abu Dhabi government) and the Government of Fujairah, TANQIA is globally recognised for its efficiency, setting benchmarks for the entire industry.


Producing high quality effluent thanks to its technology-driven approach to wastewater management, TANQIA is prepared to preserve the Emirate’s valuable water resources. The effluent is suitable for the irrigation of golf courses and public parks, and by a number of industries such as construction and mining, amongst others. The company provides specific effluent qualities tailormade to meet the special technical requirements of potential new consumers.


The CFI.co judging panel noted that TANQIA contributes to the protection of the environment by treating wastewater that was previously disposed of in marshlands at significant risk to public health. The judging panel is pleased to offer TANQIA the 2017 Best Wastewater Utility Management Team Middle East Award.

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