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Thailand becomes first SE Asian nation to break ground on its Expo 2020 plot

Thailand becomes first SE Asian nation t

Thailand is a step closer to showcasing its new age of digital innovation in a floral-inspired pavilion, after becoming the first South East Asian nation to begin construction on its Expo 2020 Dubai plot.

The groundbreaking ceremony in Expo 2020’s Mobility District was attended by numerous guests, including Ajarin Pattanapanchai, Commissioner General of Section for Thailand Pavilion and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. 


The pavilion features a curtain of 500 artificial ‘dok rak’ crown flowers, which will glow in different colours to catch the eye, while the building’s gable roof pays homage to traditional Thai architecture. 


‘Mobility of the Future’ theme


An anticipated 1.7 million visitors will explore its ‘Mobility for the Future’ theme – which highlights the country’s new economic model, development breakthroughs and smart movement of people, goods, data and ideas. 


Located on a plot of more than 3,600 square metres, the pavilion is designed to leave a minimal carbon footprint. All construction materials will be locally sourced, with recycled concrete, steel and aluminum used for the structural works. Natural shading will decrease energy use, while the flower façade and additional heat insulation will also help to reduce the sun’s impact. 


To date, 192 nations have confirmed their participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, a six-month celebration from 20th October 2020, and countries are continuing to break ground on their pavilion plots at the 4.38-square-kilometre exhibition site.

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