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Wärtsilä partners with theDOCK to seek innovative start-up potential


Wärtsilä has announced an official partnership with theDOCK Innovation Hub, an Israel-based maritime-focused start-up accelerator, in a move it hopes will see the Technology giant connecting with the hottest local talent and emerging technologies within the marine sector. TheDOCK brings together maritime stalwarts and aspiring creative start-ups to deliver practical innovations for port, shipping and logistics operations.


Improving inefficiencies within the marine sector forms the founding principle of Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine Vision. Digitalisation is being embraced to truly transform the entire shipping industry into a supremely efficient, ecologically sound and digitally connected ecosystem. Combined with Wärtsilä’s recently completed acquisitions of Transas, Eniram and Guidance Marine, this move further signals an ambition to lead the industry into a new era.


Towards a Smart Marine Ecosystem


Mauro Sacchi, Strategy and Business Development Director, Wärtsilä Marine Solutions, said: “Digitalisation is disrupting the marine industry as it moves towards even greater efficiency and strong environmental performance. New technologies and business models can bring substantial benefits in terms of cost efficiency, improved performance, transparency and safety. Wärtsilä is committed to leading this transformation and we are constantly on the lookout for innovative potential. We look forward to working with theDOCK in seeking start-ups that can help us to create a successful and profitable future for the industry.”


Hannan Carmeli, Founder and CEO of theDOCK, added: “We are delighted to be working with Wärtsilä to seek relevant innovation for the maritime sector. Wärtsilä has been leading the way in constantly exploring new boundaries. Areas such as the automation of vessel functions, advanced maintenance, cyber security, and others will play an important role in our collaboration.”


Wärtsilä is at the forefront of harnessing the changes taking place in the shipping industry to deliver value and optimisation for its customers. By orchestrating these developments through the use of high levels of connectivity and digitalisation, the company intends to lead the industry’s transformation towards a Smart Marine Ecosystem.

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