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Membrane-free wastewater treatment system makes a splash at WaterPro Conference

Tecvalco Ltd and Soneera Water presented the revolutionary MemFree Wastewater Treatment System at the annual WaterPro Conference in September, and people are still talking about it. The event was held in Reno, Nevada, in the US from 18-20 September and showcased products ranging from water and wastewater utility systems, to innovative technology, new regulations, and much more.


Soneera Water's MemFree system was invented in Australia by Dr Vivian Robinson. After years of research, Dr Robinson called this breakthrough technology “electroflocculation”, and his white paper on the process has since been published by several global scientific magazines as the reference paper on the technology. Dr. Robinson's patented technology is the first, and to date only, successful application of this methodology in a continuous flow commercial environment. Soneera Water and Tecvalco Ltd are the only companies licensed to market and maintain this technology in North America.


The MemFree technology has found acceptance and success in the Australian market, and was first introduced in North America in 2014 through a pilot project in Arizona. Once it was proven at a variety of wastewater installations, and its US patent was issued in 2015, Soneera Water LLC started marketing it in the United States.


The Soneera Wastewater System is a membrane-free, continuous flow electroflocculation system that can treat up to 750 cubic metres of water per day using a single system module. It uses very small amounts of power, ranging typically from 0.03 to 0.07 Kwh/m3, and uses roughly one-fifth the physical footprint of a traditional treatment facility. There are no chemicals added to process – however, with the addition of a chlorine drip and a UV system, the technology can produce potable drinking water from raw sewage. It is capable of cleaning 97-99 per cent of all wastewater types, and treats to the nano-filtration level. It is an automated system that is remotely monitored and programmed.



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