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Lhyfe and Horisont Energi sign green ammonia MoU
Lhyfe and Horisont Energi sign green ammonia MoU

Horisont Energi, a clean energy and carbon transport and storage services provider, and Lhyfe, a world pioneer in renewable green hydrogen, have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the joint development of green ammonia-producing facilities in Europe, fed by green hydrogen plants.

Horisont Energi already engaged in large-scale blue ammonia project

Norwegian firm Horisont Energi has already entered into a co-operation agreement with Equinor and Vår Energi for the development of Barents Blue – Europe's first large-scale production facility for blue ammonia, located in Finnmark in Northern Norway. 

In response to the increasing demand for ammonia in Europe, the company has also signed an MoU with the Port of Rotterdam to set up a corridor for the transporting of blue ammonia from Norway to Rotterdam. Horisont Energi intends to ship blue ammonia – produced in Northern Norway from natural gas with carbon capture and storage – to the port of Rotterdam, where it will be received for further distribution to meet expected demand in northwestern Europe.

Lhyfe – advancing the global green hydrogen market


Meanwhile, France-headquartered Lhyfe ranks amongst the world’s largest and most advanced players in the green hydrogen market today. 

The company, which connects its production sites directly to local renewable energy sources to fuel local industry and mobility uses, already has 93 projects in development in Europe (more than 4.8GW of total installed capacity); a first industrial plant inaugurated in September 2021 and a first offshore plant demonstrator to be inaugurated in September 2022. 

Fuelling Europe’s green ammonia production


Through this new agreement, Lhyfe and Horisont Energi wish to collaborate for the joint development of solutions to provide renewable green hydrogen to ammonia-producing plants in Norway and in Europe to supply the ammonia market as Norway has a very strong maritime sector. 

A first development project consisting in renewable hydrogen and green ammonia production plants could be located in the northern part of Europe. The two companies will also jointly search for strategic positions in renewable energy in Europe to identify new and existing project opportunities for industrial scale green ammonia plants. 

Building upon the core competency of Lhyfe within the production of renewable green hydrogen and Horisont Energi’s competency within clean ammonia, there is substantial potential for growth in the partnership, the firms said in a joint statement.


“We are very pleased to work with Lhyfe, one of the world’s largest and most advanced and innovative players in the renewable green hydrogen market,” enthused Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter Eidesen, CEO of Horisont Energi. “We see them as a perfect partner for Horisont Energi. This agreement will help us to jointly grow within green ammonia in Europe.” 

Furthermore, Björn Arvidsson, Area Manager Nordics & UK at Lhyfe, added: “This agreement with an innovative producer of clean ammonia in Norway gives us both the opportunity to develop projects to fuel the green hydrogen development in Norway, but also to look for joint development of projects to provide new green ammonia-producing plants in Europe. We are very happy to have reached this agreement, and we look forward to work with the Horisont Energi team.”

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