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NAWA Technologies nominated finalist in 2022 World Materials Forum Scale-Up Challenge
NAWA Technologies nominated finalist in 2022 World Materials Forum Scale-Up Challenge

NAWA Technologies (NAWA) – a pioneer of revolutionary 3D nanotechnology set to unleash fast, sustainable, and efficient energy storage – has been announced as a finalist in this year’s World Materials Forum Scale-Up Challenge.


Held in Nancy, France, from 16–18 June, the event recognises companies who having already been nominated at a previous World Materials Forum Start Up Challenge – NAWA was nominated in 2019 – and are now industrialising breakthrough innovations.


NAWA’s products are all based on proprietary technology: Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (VACNT). This advanced nano-material has the highest electrical conductivity, and features in the company’s next-gen ultracapacitor, NAWACap® – which charges in seconds and exhibits up to 20 times greater power compared to existing technology – and NAWA’s ultra-fast electrode, which can bring about a step change in the performance of any battery, particularly lithium-ion. VACNT is also used in NAWAStitch, which greatly increases the strength of carbon composites.

Scaling up NAWA’s revolutionary VACNT nanotech 

Following initial production of VACNT beginning at NAWA’s Provence facility in summer 2021, NAWA has since demonstrated further momentum and is set to enable the first NAWACap® factory to be built, with the manufacture of ultracapacitors expected from 2023 onwards.


In June 2022, NAWA also announced it had been able to triple its previous rate of VACNT production, further demonstrating the full scale-ability of VACNT manufacturing.

Global sectors set to take advantage of NAWA’s revolutionary VACNT-based energy storage systems include automotive, power tools and sensor-based IoT. 

Ulrik Grape, CEO of NAWA Technologies, said his firm was “delighted” to be nominated for the World Materials Forum Scale Up Challenge 2022. “The stellar reputation of the WMF makes this a huge recognition of the uniqueness and potential of NAWA’s Vertically Aligned Carbon NanoTubes (VACNT),” he remarked. “Our technology has many uses in energy storage in lithium batteries and next-gen ultracapacitors, and also in structural applications, in the reinforcement of composites. Over the last few years, we have completed several major steps in the industrialisation of our proprietary technology, demonstrating that we are on track to begin mass production of VACNT in 2023.”

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