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Virtalis and Lanner’s digital twins mean firms can now watch, replay and fast-forward their businesses


Lanner, a company of Royal HaskoningDHV, and Virtalis have announced they are further strengthening their partnership to deliver the value of integrated predictive simulation and visualisation capabilities for digital twin environments.

Lanner and Virtalis’s collaboration provides visibility and insights into future operational and asset performance for business across many sectors. This combined technological power enables the creation of predictive digital twins, allowing customers to experience simulations of their business processes within immersive 3D environments. Customers can then review, remodel and replay different business and operational process scenarios in order to achieve desired decision outcomes. 


Predictive digital twins


These predictive digital twins allow the partnership to focus on providing those responsible for making key business decisions with new data insights and the necessary foresight to make faster, more agile decisions and more collaboratively conduct cross-functional planning and decision-making to ensure strategic goals are not undermined by siloed decision making.  


Virtalis’ Visionary Render allows disparate data sources, such as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Financial systems, CAD and BIM models to be visualised simultaneously in a similarly collaborative environment. Through the addition of Lanner’s predictive models, data from future scenarios can also be included to allow users to step back and forward through time to understand how, why and what may happen.  


Lanner’s WITNESS simulation software is used extensively for business planning and investment decisions and supporting dynamic operational process decision-making. By combining process models with real-time data in a highly visual environment, users can navigate their operations virtually, view key performance metrics in clearer context and better understand the impact today’s decisions will have on tomorrow. 


Smarter decisions to safeguard tomorrow


By combining the two technologies, decision makers can be empowered with their own virtual business, within which stakeholders can test and effectively ‘play’ their thinking and innovative ideas, before implementing in the real world. This gamification of business and operational decision making enables new insights into current and future operations, where multiple scenarios can be played out in a visually engaging and data driven environment.   


“The value of business data models and repositories is no longer constrained to experts, data scientists or business analysts but instead can be delivered via widely deployable digital twin applications to the operational and business decision makers. In today’s volatile world it is vital that they are furnished with decision support tools which can bring data to life in order to make smarter decisions earlier and more frequently than ever before” said Andrew Aitken, COO of Lanner.  


“We have worked with Virtalis for many years with Visionary Render powering the 3D visualisation capabilities of our desktop modelling studio, WITNESS Horizon,” he continued. “Along with our sister companies under the Royal HaskoningDHV umbrella, we are also able to deliver data engineering, machine learning and automation that ensures our customers have everything required to develop their digital twin strategy.” 


Robert Boers, CEO, Virtalis concluded that his company was “excited” to see where Virtalis’ visualisation technology would be heading when combined with Lanner’s WITNESS technology. He stated “the parallel direction of our roadmaps will ensure we are at the forefront of the digital twin market and can continue to provide our customers with world leading predictive and visualisation technology.”

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